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Of sexuality and unplanned co-relations

Entangled in the walks of life one wrestles with their past and rejuvenates through the quest for sexuality, pain, filtering, and unplanned co-relations. Seeped is about moments of contemplation, and realization, a moment of reconnection with ones past with stories of the present trickling in"

Work done as Visual Designer Under painted tongue productions for their short film “Seeped”

The images are my individual work.

Shared links are Audience Reviews from the film festivals it’s been screened in.

Winner: Best Shorts Film Festival, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Accolade

Global Film Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival | Semi-Finalists: 2021 ARFF Paris

International Awards, Flickers’ Rhode Island Film Festival | Selection: Independent Days

International Film festival, Newark IFF Youth Festival, Chicago Feedback Film Festival, Los

Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, Short To The Point, Paris Art & Movie Awards, Newfilmmakers

NY, Catalina Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival

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